Treating Krokodil Addiction with Basic Drug Rehab

krokodil treatmentRehabilitation krokodil addict is a procedure in which a medical or psychological care given to keep them away from this drug.

All rehabilitation centers offer psychological treatment. In this treatment, krokodil junkies be kept away from drugs and psychologically asked to take care of themselves to get involved in exciting activities and keep them free from tension. Because the patient was busy doing activities that interest them, they gradually began to lose the need for drugs. However, in practice, rehabilitating krokodil users are not as easy as it looks.

Here are some therapies that can be used for krokodil addicts: Continue Reading…

Desomorphin a Permonid We Know as Krokodil

PermonidMaybe some of us are no stranger to hear the word Krokodil. Right, krokodil is one of the first drug developed in Russia. If you’ve read the article about the krokodil which has been discussed previously, then you will feel horrified by the consequences of using these drugs.

Illicit drug called Krokodil is apparently already has a variety of calls that are rarely heard by the audience those are Desomorphin and Permonid. Desomorphine (dihydrodesoxymorphine, Permonid, as we know as krokodil) is a derivative from morphine (an opioid) with powerful, fast-acting sedative and analgesic effects.It has about 8-10 times more potent than morphine. Continue Reading…

Why They ‘Love’ Krokodil Drugs?

One of drugs commonly used by the addicts is Krokodil drugs, or desomorphine. The name may sound peculiar, but it has been around since the 1930’s as a substitute for morphine. It is popular among the drug abusers due to much less expensive price, compared to that of heroin or other drugs. Therefore, Krokodil drug is also known as the poor men’s heroin since it is affordable even for the poor addicts, who cannot buy expensive drugs like the genuine morphine or heroin.

Why Krokodil Drug is abused

Why do people take krokodil even though the effects are dangerous? Cheaper price makes the drug called krokodil popular among low-class drug addicts, not only in Europe, but also in Russia, where the genuine drugs like morphine and heroin are more difficult to get. With a sum of 13 euro or 10 pound, one can easily buy a gram of Krokodil drug. Worse, it is even more dangerous. It may lead to disabling and even fatal health conditions. Since it is easier to prepare, even at home, the effects may be more devastating and involving more victims. Continue Reading…

About Krokodil Drug

Krokodil drug addict

Has been circulating since 2002, Krokodil can kill their users in less than a year. Not just damaging organs, this drug also ‘eat’ the skin and flesh then make them rotting and splitting like an infection!

Although very dangerous, Krokodil stands still selling in the streets of many countries cause it is much cheaper than to produce heroin. Someone who use Krokodil will be wounded that grow up and then divide the meat down to the bone.

Here’s a big reasons why you should stay away from this type of drug. Never ever think about it at all times! Continue Reading…